Our products


  • Vegetable & Fruit Wash Liquid
  • Fruits and vegetables are highly nutritious and form as key food commodity in the human consumption. They are highly perishable due to their low shelf life.
  • These food commodities are reported to be contaminated with toxic and health hazardous chemicals. Chemicals like calcium carbide / ethephon and oxytocin are reportedly being used in fruit and vegetable.


  • Dish Wash Liquid
  • Dr.Glo Liquid has been a forerunner in the dish-washing segment ever since its inception in 2019. Its high grease dissolving power and quick dry formula make Dr.Glo a superior cleansing agent.
  • Dr.Glo dish wash liquid, with the power of lemons removes the toughest grease gives you complete cleaning without leaving any residue and gives you a pleasant cleaning experience with its refreshing lemon fragrance.


  • Floor Cleaner
  • Dr.Shine is the No.1 disinfectant brand in the India aiming to reach over 100% of households and hospitals. Families have trusted the brand to help keep their homes healthy.
  • Dr.Shine has been helping create healthy households with effective household cleaning products.Our range spans everything from disinfectants to fabric cleaners.


  • Toilet Cleaner
  • Dr.Cleanz Launched in India in the 2019, Dr.Cleanz is a liqui toilet bowl cleaner has been successfully developed it offers a comprehensive range of toilet care products.
  • Ever since 2019, Dr.Cleanz has been providing effective sanitation to people across the country. Dr.Cleanz has provided families with protection from harmful germs.